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With most solid wheel and tyre combinations weighing up to one thousand kilograms, common methods of wheel handling and fitting don’t provide the level of safety required. In recognition of the hazards of heavy duty wheel handling, SOTO and Leussink Engineering have designed and manufactured the SOTO “SWIFTA” Wheel Fitting Unit. This hydraulically controlled QDS mounted unit, enables a heavy solid filled tyre to be safely removed from or fitted to underground mobile equipment while its operator safely manipulates the independent controls from a standing position beside the unit.

Tow Hitch

Movement of large equipment in an underground mine is one of the most significant hazards that miners are exposed to during each shift. SOTO has developed a Tow Hitch in consultation with mine operators to allow for the controlled and reliable transport of heavy equipment within a mine. This device provides superior features to other commercially available towing devices and is rated to 50T. The Tow Hitch gives the mine operator confidence and control by providing a safely rated connection which allows maximum turning, tilt and deviation capabilities.